Friday, July 24, 2009

Remote debugging and c#

You are trying to set remote debugging on remote computer that is in domain. You search internet and set everything it's write there.
  • Add the same user with the same password to the remote computer and add it to administrators group.
  • You setup firewall correctly (or even turn of firewall)
  • You set local security policy as it is described to MSDN
But when you try to connect you get something like: "Debugger on target computer cannot connect back to this..." and "Authentication failed."

In this case you should try to:
  • Turn of UAC
  • Run msvsmon.exe as user on local machine using command prompt and runas command (runas /user:localuser msvsmon.exe)
(localuser must have admin privileges on remote computer)

Enjoy in remote debugging.

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Dujche said...

Mijalko, this works great!!! You saved my life :)