Friday, July 24, 2009

Remote debugging and c#

You are trying to set remote debugging on remote computer that is in domain. You search internet and set everything it's write there.
  • Add the same user with the same password to the remote computer and add it to administrators group.
  • You setup firewall correctly (or even turn of firewall)
  • You set local security policy as it is described to MSDN
But when you try to connect you get something like: "Debugger on target computer cannot connect back to this..." and "Authentication failed."

In this case you should try to:
  • Turn of UAC
  • Run msvsmon.exe as user on local machine using command prompt and runas command (runas /user:localuser msvsmon.exe)
(localuser must have admin privileges on remote computer)

Enjoy in remote debugging.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Custom user for application pool

When I change default application pool for my WCF application and I set non admin credential I start to getting following error:

"secure channel cannot be opened because security negotiation with the remote endpoint has failed"

The thing was to set "Load User Profile" in settings for application pool to true

Friday, July 03, 2009

Zamena GPS Navigatora 4

Nastavak price Zamena GPS Navigatora 3

Juce mi je stigao novi GPS Navigator. Na svu srecu ovaj radi (za sada) lepo. Nazalost ova prica jos nije gotova zato sto mi uz novi uredjaj nisu poslali i novu garanciju. Poslao sam servisu mail u vezi garancije. Jos cekam odgovor...

Kad sve bude gotovo napisacu izvestaj o ovom procesu.

Task in progress.....